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Vegetables can be described as plants consumed as food or the edible plants which can be made the main part of the food. We all know, plants consist of root, stem, leaves, flowers, fruits & seeds. We have been consuming vegetables since ages now. In this world, the class of people who consume only vegetables,…

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Lentils are foods very rich in protein & iron. Our Everyday meal is incomplete without these legumes. There are a variety of ways to cook various type of Lentils to make the best use of them. Dal These seeds are generally used to prepare a spicy Indian soup known as Dal. All the Indian vegetarian…

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“Cooking is an Art of Inner Expression” Cooking is not just mixing of any random ingredients to prepare a decorative piece. It requires a fair amount of skill to pour in the right flavor with right attitude & pure thoughts.¬†We are what we eat. when we cook your energy¬†transfers into that food too. The taste…

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