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"Cooking is an Art of Inner Expression"

Cooking is not just mixing of any random ingredients to prepare a decorative piece. It requires a fair amount of skill to pour in the right flavor with right attitude & pure thoughts. We are what we eat. when we cook your energy transfers into that food too. The taste in the food, the ingredients which are mixed & the final prepared food that is served, when consumed, makes a lot of difference in thought process, behavior, decision making & actions one does in one's life.

What type of food should we eat

The type of food we eat clearly defines the way we act in our day to day life. We should not consume bliss reducing food like sugar, meat & other genetically modified food which can harm one's body. Instead, We can consume Lentils (seeds, pulses, grains, nuts), roots, herbs, spices & Vegetables.

The human intestine can easily digest Vegetarian food. It is not designed to digest meat. Meat contains negative energy, indicating pain & torture, the animal has experienced while being butchered. Consuming this type of food will only devolve ones state of being & cut down any chances of evolution.

A complete vegetarian meal includes all the flavors, colors & nutrients needed for the body.

Benefits of Vegetarianism

Vegetarianism is not just about eating a Vegetarian diet, It is a way of living. If we are only consuming a Vegetarian diet but our way of living is Non-Vegetarian then it is not known as Vegetarianism.

Along with a Vegetarian diet, we should also live in an environment which helps us to establish a close connection with nature & its elements. Each and every entry point in our body should be Vegetarian. For example, We should not listen to sounds/music produced by a Non-Vegetarian person, We should not see the killing of innocent animals, witness their pain & torture with our eyes.

some of the many benefits of vegetarianism are -

  1. Improved metabolism/digestion
  2. Calm Mind
  3. Pure & good thoughts
  4. Increased lifespan
  5. Restored common sense
  6. Good connection with nature
  7. Maintained health, lesser health issues
  8. Reduced tension/depression
  9. Better decision making capability
  10. Better connection with other beings

Cooking Vegetarian food

Cooking vegetarian food is very easy. It is, in fact, very interesting and innovative. While cooking vegetarian food, you need to know about how various seeds, vegetables & spices can be combined to prepare a delicious dish.

A purely vegetarian meal which generally contains chapati, rice, dal, and sabji can be prepared by following a few simple steps-

Cooking Vegetables/Pulses

If you want to include pulses then you need to first soak them overnight so that those can be used in the meal the next day or you can directly boil them in the cooked. Cutting/chopping Vegetables are a fairly simple task. Generally cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, ladyfingers etc. are used in the regular meal. These can be cooked by adding curry leaves, tomatoes, coriander, ginger & spices additionally.

Cooking Chapati (Indian bread)

For preparing the chapati, you will need to knead the dough. Generally, wheat flour is used for preparing chapati. But, this varies from region to region & culture to culture. Some people also prefer maida (refined wheat flour), rice flour, barley flour for preparing the chapati. A meal is considered incomplete without this Indian bread. There is various Type of Flours available in the market very easily in any part of the world.

Cooking Dal (Indian soup)

Dal, the Indian soup, is a very interesting part of the meal. These Lentils have flavors of their own and after adding the correct amount of spices, the result is just awesome. Generally, any dal is first boiled, then cooked with spices to give the right color, taste, and texture.

Cooking Rice

Preparing rice is the easiest thing. Any novice can do it. A wide variety of Different Types of Rice is available in the market. These just require a certain amount of water to cook. In rice also there is a lot of variety like Biryani, Pulao, Plain rice and Khichdi. Again this list can be drilled down further based on various regions.


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