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Dhokla with Hari Chatni (Steamed Cake with Instant Green Pickle)

2 Bowl Wheat Flour

½ Bowl Gram Flour

1 Tablespoon Sugar

½ Small Tablespoon Fruit Soda

½ Small Tablespoon Turmeric

1 Green Chilli (cut in small pieces)

Coriander Leaves

Menthol Leaves

Ginger (tiny pieces)

½ Lemon

½ Tablespoon Black Cumin Seeds


Mix wheat and gram flour in a pan, add water and curd mix properly and leave for whole night to make batter.


Put a large pot to boil water on low flames and use a stand to place a plate on it inside the boiling water and place lid on top.

When batter is ready to use, add sugar, fruit soda, turmeric, red chilli powder, green chillies and ginger. MIx batter properly and make it between thick and thin.

Now place a plate with heightened corners, add few drops of oil on surface and spread all over. Now, fill it half with batter we prepares. 

Now take this plate and place it on the stand inside the bog pot. So water won’t pur inside the plate with batter. Now close the lid of the pot.

Making Pickle

In a small grinder, place menthol leaves, coriander leaves, few tiny ginger pieces, green chilli, black cumin seeds, salt and drops of lemon with 3-4 tablespoon water.

Grind the mixture well to make pickle.

Now, stop boiling the batter, its would have  been ready by now.

Cut the cake in small square size, and taste it with the green pickle.

Serves – 1-2 Persons

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