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Fenugreek Seeds Pickle (Methi Dana Achaar)

To make fenugreek pickle we need to put fenugreek in water for at least 8-10 hrs to make it soft.

4 tablespoon fenugreek

1 Lemon

Any of your choice dry masala to add with fenugreek.

1 Tablespoon edible oil


Take out fenugreek from the bowl on a clean surface. Squeeze few drops of lemon and mix it with your fav dry pickle masala. Add few drops of oil and mix again.

Make sure not to mix it like paste.

Now serve it instantly with chapati or rice or it can be kept in a small box and can be consumed anytime.


Fenugreek opens blockage in nerves and is useful to make bones tougher.

Serves – 3-4 persons

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