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Gram Flour Flat Bread (Thepla)

1 Bowl wheat flour

½ Bowl gram flour

½ Small bowl  dry fenugreek (kasuri methi )

½ Small tablespoon asafoetida

1 Tablespoon dry red chilli powder

½ Tablespoon turmeric powder

2 Tablespoon coriander powder

1 Bowl edible oil

1 Bowl curd (optional)


½ Small tablespoon salt


Mix wheat flour and gram flour, now add kasuri methi followed by turmeric powder, red chilli powder, coriander powder, 2 tablespoon oil and  1½ tablespoon curd.

Mix all items and make a soft dough.After making dough we can add 1-2 drops of oil to make it soft.

Now place pan on low flame to make flatbread like chapati. Divide dough in few bigger than table tennis ball, and make shape it round with the help of rolling pin.

Now, put it on pan, cook properly from both side like chapati. Flip sides to cook properly.

Serve what suits you best.

Recommended – Curd, Pickle.

Serves – 1-2 persons

Learn How to Prepare Thepla in Video Tutorial here

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