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Gram Flour Dessert (Besan ka Halwa)

1 Bowl Gram Flour

1 Bowl Milk

½ Bowl Sugar

Mix of dry fruit, Cashew, Almonds and Cardamom (peeled small pieces)


Put half bowl clarified butter in it and boil on low flame. Now, put gram flour on a plate with heighted corners and  add 1 tablespoon of milk, clarified butter from the pot we are boiling.

Now, mix the gram flour properly. Use both palms to mix between hands. After mixing for 2-3 minutes put all the gram flour in the boiling clarified butter.

MIx it properly for 5-8 minutes, and after it changes it colour to brown, add sugar, milk and cardamom.

Keep on mixing, til it becomes semi wet and sticky.

Put on a container and add dry fruits from top.

Serve with dinner or lunch as sweet.

Serves – 2-3 persons 

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