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Green Peas Petis – Ragda Petis

1 Bowl boiled green peas (semi-mashed) (place boiled water in a bowl to use later)

2 boiled potatoes (mashed)

1 Tablespoon turmeric

1 Tablespoon coriander powder

½ Tablespoon cumin seed powder

1 Tablespoon red chilli powder

½ ginger + 1 green chilli paste

Few leaves of coriander

1 chopped Tomato (Small pieces)

4 Tablespoon edible oil

½ Tablespoon asafoetida

1 mid sized bowl corn flour



Cook oil on low flame. When oil surpasses smoke level, put asafoetida, ginger and green chilli paste followed by tomatoes. MIx it properly.

Now add,  salt (½ ts), turmeric (1 ts), and red chilli powder (1 ts) and mix them.  After 1-2 minutes add water of green peas (4-5 ts).

Now prepare the balls. Add very small amount of salt in mashed potatoes, and add corn flour and few coriander leaves. Now mix them properly and make it soft. Place one ball and press it with both hands softly and give it shape like small chapati.

Do this to the remaining balls And fry all in another frypan properly.

Till now gravy has been cooked properly. Put boiled green peas in the gravy and drop 4-5 Tablespoon green pea water in the gravy. Mix it properly.

Now, serve hot petis with the green peas gravy.

Serves – 2 persons

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