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Evolution is not only physical but at a mental & spiritual level also. Scientist says we all have been evolved from monkeys but we all know that they have been proved already wrong. All the so-called scientific organizations have lost in their futile attempt to decipher the real meaning & purpose of life. We still see monkeys every where wondering when they will become humans. Funny but true.

If evolution was only physical level there was no question of any spirituality. The theory moves out the existence of spirit, the real beingness. This earth is a prison. It’s a 3D matrix. We are all spirits who have come here to learn the correct way of living this life in order to reach the higher realms after death. 

Death is not the end, it’s the new beginning. This life is for the preparation of after-life.

One should no forget that one is A BEING & the only purpose of one’s life should be evolution. Improving ones state of being from lower to higher. One should always aim for higher.

“Body is a tool. Through body, one can Praise, Bow & Serve the Divine. In order to evolve one need to have proper body discipline with proper attitude & humility towards higher/divine, which leads to increase in coherent charge, which ultimately leads to evolution & bliss” ~ Prashant Trivedi ~

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