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Khaman Petis

3 Potatoes (boiled and smashed)

1 small cup coconut flakes

1 mid-sized bowl corn flour

150gm peanuts

Ginger (cut in small pieces to grind)


Green chilli (2)

Any good Edible Oil

Red chilli powder




Cut one green chilli in small pieces and put it in a cup with ginger and coriander. Than grind them without adding water.

Mix red chilli and salt (as per taste) in coconut flakes and add drop few drops of lemon.

Mix corn flour (all), red chilli and salt (as per taste) in potatoes and make a good mixture.

Now make mixture of coconut flakes and the paste of ginger, coriander and chilli and mix them.

Meanwhile, prepare oil to fry.

Make small palm sized base of potatoes and fill it with the mixture of coconut flakes and make small balls and place to once in corn flour so it looks white from outside.

Now, fry these balls in oil till they turn red. Don’t over fry them, or they will be burned.

Now serve with anything you like.

Recommended: Sauce or Mayonnaise.

Serves – 3-4 persons

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