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Lentils are foods very rich in protein & iron. Our Everyday meal is incomplete without these legumes. There are a variety of ways to cook various type of Lentils to make the best use of them.


These seeds are generally used to prepare a spicy Indian soup known as Dal. All the Indian vegetarian Thali’s have a combination of these Dal’s.

These seeds are easily available in market in bulk & can be preserved for years.

Various type of Dal seeds available in the market

  • Split Red Lentil – Masoor Dal
  • Split Green gram – Mung Dal
  • Split Black gram – Urad Dal/kaali Dal
  • Split White gram – Urad Dal
  • Split Yellow pigeon peas  – Tur/ Tuvar Dal
  • Split Bengal gram  – Chana Dal

Any type of Dal is very colorful & rich in protein. It is mostly prepared & served in liquid form so that it can be consumed with Chapatti(Indian Bread) or Rice. Without Dal, An Indian meal is considered incomplete. It digests easily & it’s enjoyable to consume.

Dal can be prepared in multiple ways. Infact, its preparation varies from region to region & culture to culture. Some just like to boil it adding Salt & Pepper to consume directly & some use a variety of spices like Turmeric powder, Red chili powder, Green chilies, Tamarind, Coriander powder etc. to make it rich in color & flavor.

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Pulses are rich in protein & fiber. These are mainly seeds of plants hence are very hard to consume raw. The best way is to either soak them over- night or boil directly before consumption.

Various type of Pulses available in the market

  • Brown Chick Peas – Kala Chana
  • Green Chick Peas – Hara Chana
  • White Chick Peas – Kabuli Chana
  • Black Eyed Beans – Chowli
  • Red Kidney Beans  –  Rajma
  • Green Peas – Hara Matar
  • Green Gram – Moong
  • Ground Nuts – Shing Dana
  • Turkish Gram – Moth

A variety of Pulses can be consumed everyday with regular meal.

All over the world, people mostly believe that soaked pulses with natural taste are more healthy than cooked ones with added spices.  If you are planning to eat them as breakfast or snacks then soaked ones are recommended. But, if you are planning to eat in lunch or dinner with Chapatti & rice then cooked one is a better option.

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