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Aloo Paratha

2-3 Potatoes (Smashed)

1 Bowl Wheat Flour

½ Small Tablespoon Ginger (Crushed)

1 Green Chilli (crushed)

Few Coriander Leaves

Edible oil


Make a dough of wheat flour, include a pinch of salt. Also, remember to drop 3 tablespoon of oil while creating dough.

Also prepare a paste of, ginger, green chili and coriander leaves.


Add red chilli powder to the mashed potatoes, add salt as per taste also add paste of ginger, green chilli and coriander leaves.

Now, cook oil in a big pan and warm it. When oil starts leaving smoke, put all the mashed potatoes in oil to fry.

Stop cooking potatoes after 5 minutes.

Make a mix of it by pressing softly by big spoon. Keep mixing and it will become a thick paste with pieces of potatoes with changed colour.

Now, put a pan on low plame to make chapatis. Now divide small balls from the dough and press softly in between of hands.

Fill the center of the dough with potatoes pate. Use spoon to fill the dough. Now, use rolling pin to shape it round.

Don’t press it hard, roll slowly or it will stick to pin or the flat part. Now, place 1 chapati to pan and cook from both sides properly.

Don’t overcook, or chapati will be burned. Press slowly from top of the chapati while cooking from both sides with the help of the spoon.

Serves what suits you best.

Recommendation – Sauce, Mayonnaise

Serves – 1-2 persons.

Learn How to prepare Aloo Paratha in Video Tutorial Here

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