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Rava Lapsi (Kansar Lapsi)

1 Bowl Rava Lapsi

3 Tablespoon Jaggery

2 Tablespoon Edible Oil

½ Small Bowl Clarified Butter


Mix rava lapsi with clarified butter properly. Now, put jaggery in a deep pot and add water to mix jaggery in it. When jaggery is dissolved, add 2 drops of clarified butter.

Now, add all the rava lapsi in it. Now mix it properly.

Now in pressure cooker, put 1-2 glass of water, place the pot with rava lapsi inside cooker. Now cook it in cooker and wait for 3-4 whistles.

After cooking it properly.  Take it out from the pressure cooker. Now, mix it and make it powder with the help  of spoon, as when taking out from the pressure cooker it might be thick.

Take all of rava lapsi out in a plate, spread powder sugar and clarified butter.

Serve as sweet.

Serves – 2-3 Persons

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