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Sago Peanut Snack (Falhari Sabudana Chivda)

1 Bowl Sago Pearls

1 Tablespoon red Chilli Powder

1 Small Tablespoon Turmeric Powder

1 Bowl French Fries (dried)

Edible Oil



Cook oil in a deep pot in low flame. When oil surpasses smoke level, put all the sago pearls in oil to fry. If oil is cooked properly then sago pearls will be fried within 1-2 minutes. When sago pearls seems fried take out all the sago pearls in a plate.

Now, fry all the peanuts properly in oil and after peanut are fried mix them with sago pearls.

Now in low flames again fry potato chips. After it is fried properly, mix it with the fried sago pearls and peanuts.

Add salt and red chilli powder and turmeric powder as per taste. Mix them properly and serve as snacks with food or tea.

Serves – 3-5 persons

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