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2 Bowl Wheat Flour

3 Tablespoon Edible Oil

4-5 Jaggery (Small Pieces)


Melt jaggery in water till it dissolve in water.


Place flour in a heightened place, add oil and then add jaggery water in flour to make a dough. Pour jaggery water in parts to make a semi-hard dough.

Now cook oil for 5-8 minutes in a pan, till smokes shows up. Meanwhile, divide a small ball from dough and shape it round like chapati on flat surface with the help of rolling pin.

Now cut the chapati in checks, diamond shape. So we have few small pieces. Check oil, if it is hot enough, now fry these small pieces properly from both sides. It will start turning brown. Fry them for at least 5-8 minutes.

Serve as sweet snack.

Serves – 1-2 persons.

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