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Spinach (Palak) Paratha

1 Bowl Wheat Flour

Spinach leaves (small pieces)

1 cup edible oil / clarified butter

1 tablespoon carom seeds

1 tablespoon red chilli powder


Mix oil in wheat flour, add spinach leaves and carom seeds. Now make a soft dough of this mixture.

After making dough, divide small balls from it. Meanwhile place pan on heat.

Place 1 ball of dough in between your hands and press it. Now, place it on flat surface and use rolling pin to shape it round.

After shaping ball round of dough, put some oil on pan and place it on pan and heat it from one side, and then switch sides of paratha and put edible oil/clarified butter on heated side. Now do the same with another side but don’t use too much of oil/butter. Just dip tablespoon and rub it on paratha surface.

Serve with what suits your taste. Recommended to taste with, Pickles or sauce.

Serves – 1 person

Learn How to prepare Palak Paratha in Video Tutorial Here 

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