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Wheat Flour Dessert (Meetha Chilla)

1 Bowl Wheat Flour

1 Bowl Jaggery

½ Tablespoon fruit soda powder

2 Tablespoon clarified butter

Prepare batter first. It takes at least 2:30 hrs to prepare batter and this side dish .

Making Batter

Put jaggery in a pot filled with water and boil it to melt jaggery. After 5 minutes, jaggery will be dissolved in water.

Now, add this hot water to wheat flour and mix it properly with a big spoon. After 5 minutes, thin batter will be ready. Leave it for 2 hours.


Place fry pan on low flame for 5-10 minutes. Now, drop 4-5 drops of clarified butter on pan and slowly shape it round like chapati.

After 2-3 minutes, add some clarified butter on the edges of batter. Now flip it. Cake would be brownish from this side by now.

Fry the other side till it turns brown. Cook both sides properly.

Serve as sweet.

Serves – 1-3 persons.

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